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Unlike artificial insemination in cattle,which involves guiding the insemination pipette through the cervix viamanipulation per rectum, equine AI is carried out completely vaginally.He told to girls to saddle up.

Coast Guard are in Albuquerque this week for a unique weeklong training course hosted by Sandia National Laboratories.

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Concluding Remarks The issues surrounding team teaching are numerous and complex.
It takes about an hour and a half to get to the city.
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Thanks to Will from the My Trivia podcast for suggesting this great year.
Yes, you heard that right, ten people will be winning a copy of this game.
It doesn't even have to start with proper virtual worlds.

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I-am certain that Ion Adventure will prove to be a valuable companionand vital teaching tool for medical students, residents, cardiologists,and researchers.It hosts some Biozentrum research groups, including the bioinformatics unit and Applied Microbiology as well as the Zoological Institute of the Basel University.